Dysphagia/Swallowing Therapy Program

Nursing Care

The Specialized Pediatric Care -Speech, Language, Communication, and Dysphagia program (0-21 Years old) offers the following appropriate practices based on empirical evidence: Under the supervision of Dr. JG Padin, CCC/SLP-MPH Specialist in Rehabilitation.

  1. Language and Communication Assessment.
  2. Evaluation of speech-voice and fluency in the spectrogram.
  3. Assistive Technology (AT-SGD) and training for caregivers used for communication.
  4. Multidisciplinary swallow evaluation through results of MBS, or Video fluoroscopy, and validation using The IDDSI Framework.
  5. Implementation of protocols for swallowing quantitative and qualitative measures swallowing & feeding trials to consider discontinuation of G-tube.
  6. Implementation of Protocols for swallowing quantitative and qualitative measures of caloric intake and consistency of food and liquids.
  7. Sensory integration of the oral Neuro-muscular mechanism for feeding and swallowing, determining levels of lenience and processing.
  8. Intense Oral Cleaning (IOC) to avoid candidiasis, halitosis, and pneumonia.

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Launching Special Education Collaboration Curriculum

Specialized Pediatric Care, in cooperation with Lightwork Education & Wellness Center, offers a Special Education Collaboration Curriculum Approach Integrating all therapies.