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Specialized Pediatric Care

Specialized Pediatric Care (SPC) focuses on the medical, psychological, developmental, educational, nutritional and social needs of every individual we serve. Our uniquely designed physical environment promotes developmentally appropriate activities for each age group to meet their individual needs and reach their full potential.

SPC’s goal is to identify each individual child’s strengths and weaknesses, to then develop custom medical and therapeutic programs that target their specific needs.

Services We Provide

SPC’s medical services are an integral part in the continuum of care. Our delivery of services is adaptable to the present and future care needs of all children that we serve.
With 40 years of combined experience, our team consists of licensed Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants.
Our educational team specializes in education, energy medicine, behavior, mental health and yoga. We will transform your child’s educational experience.

SPC provides rehabilitation and habilitation therapy services are designed individually to respond to each child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, educational, and self-help needs.

We offer Speech-Language therapy sessions, which are developed using individually prescribed treatment plans with measurable short and long-term goals.
Our OT sessions help individuals with health challenges re-engage in meaningful daily activities. SPC’s OT professionals assist in developing skills that are necessary in daily life.
Our PT sessions use exercise modalities to alleviate pain, regain strength and range of motion, and to master proper body mechanics for balance and flexibility.
SPC medical care and therapeutic Afterschool Programs are designed to take full advantage of the time that children have afterschool until parents or caretakers get home.
SPC provides continual medical care, including caregiver training. The caregiver training program focuses on the age, development, health, and potentials of the child.
SPC operates its own medical transportation company, which offers complimentary transportation to all the children that receive services at our facilities.

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Common Medical Conditions

For a list of common medical conditions that qualify for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) services and/or outpatient therapeutic services.

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Launching Special Education Collaboration Curriculum

Specialized Pediatric Care, in cooperation with Lightwork Education & Wellness Center, offers a Special Education Collaboration Curriculum Approach Integrating all therapies.